woensdag 8 juni 2011

No Google servers in Kazachstan

Google doesn't agree with the demand made by the Kazakh goverment on behalf of the  Kazakh network information center(NIC), who orderd that Google had to place a physical server within Kazakhstan if they would use a .kz domain name. So far Google does not approve!

Google doesn't approve with the Kazakhstan demant and therefor redirects the .kz users to the international Google site with minor changes for the .kz users. The contents of Google will no longer be addepted towards the .kz users, instead all the contents will be translated.

The far most used search engine on the internet replied with a for me so far understandable reply; Google feels that these demands lay the internet to boundaries which should not exist on "the" boundarylessness internet. The privacy and freedom of speech of the .kz users is at stake aswell especially since there isn't a democratic system but regime which doesn't make this any easier...

To be continued... ? who knows.

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