woensdag 8 juni 2011

IOS5 already cracked

Within 24 hours after the release of the new beta version of IOS5 Musclenerd managed to crack the new operating system, so far only working on a Ipod touch connected to a PC.

Everyone is exited about the new realese of apple's next OS for the populair Ipods, Ipads 1&2 and lets not forget the Iphones ofcourse! And ofcourse a majority of users are wondering... WHEN WILL THE JAILBREAK BE RELEASED?! well guys so far it's looking sunny for us and especially for the Ipod touch (4th gen) owners, MuscleNerd managed to crack the new IOS5 within 24 hours after the beta release.

MuscleNerd said that there aren't that many suprises, although the jailbreak isn't finished yet, at this point it's working by using an exploit in the bootrom code of the 4th gen Ipods. The exploit within the Ipod does need the Ipod to be tethered to a PC since the device will reset after a reboot...

Work in progress but keep up the good MN!
Make sure to follow his MN's twitter to stay update about the progress about several I-devices:

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hahaha, It's like they told him how to do it.

  2. Man i wish i knew how to do this stuff

  3. I heard it was an exploit left over from 4.0. That's what Comex was saying on twitter, anyway.

  4. This is great news can't wait for the jailbreak