woensdag 15 juni 2011

Intel 710 and 720 SSD information

Today a Russian site, Tiscom released information about the newest lines of SSD's of intel to replace the X25-E-Drives. The new 710 and later 720 drives will be a faster and cheaper incomparison with the X25-E line.

The newest SSD series to be released will be the 710 series these SSD's with codename Lyndonville will be in mass produced this juli and will be instores +/- a month later. The new drives will be available in three different capicities 100, 200  and 300GB. The drives will be delivered with a 64MB cache and a sata 300 controller, the new reading speed will be 270MB/S and the writing speed will be 210MB/S.

If you're amazed already, you will be stunned about the new specs of the 720 line which will be released at the end of Q3 or at the beginning of Q4. The cache will be increased from 64 to an amazing 512MB cache and a read/write speed of 2200/1800MB/S. The new drives will be delivered with PCI-E interface and will be available in 200 and 400GB!

It will be a good year for SSD's it seems!

Rift "news"!

So as I've told in a previous post, I'm going to start Rifting and decided today would be a nice day after getting a new computer so I'm just done setting up the computer and I'm waiting untill the game is installed and updated... god I really do hate steam because it takes so damn long to download all of my games..!

I've decided to make a Warrior with the Champion as main soul, heared it's alot like a arms warrior in WoW so should be nice to level with!

Anyway expect some rift posts incoming!

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Ghost Recon Online

I'm not the tipical shooter fan and especially not the Ghost Recon games but the fans of the Ghost Recon games seemed to have to wait for a long time until a new release after the news that future soldier was delayed yet again! But last month Ubisoft announced there latest project of the franchise!

Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft Singapore is currently working on Ghost Recon Online, this will be a free to play online shooter in a third person setting which will only be released for PC.

The game knows all features we know from all the populair free to play game a lobby to keep track of the activities withing the game, rooms for matches and ofcourse a "shop". In this shop players can adjust there  ghost and weapons to suite there playstyle. To expand the experience players can buy a premium account, there isn't much info available about these permium accounts although I guess we can expect are the ussual increased experience, more weapons and additional ghosts to play with.

To join the beta which is starting this month click here.
Happy shooting!

zondag 12 juni 2011

Rayman origins a "real" rayman game... ? The first look

As alot of gamers out on the big blue planet earth I aswell have a soft spot for the original Rayman. It was in my opinion the best 2d platform game ever and if we may believe Ubisoft "the real" Rayman is coming back...

Nine out of ten gamers out here can recall the original Rayman a creative collorfull game with a shitload of strange characters! And lets not forget the difficulty of the game... The first few world where peanuts thats true, but after those the real work began which I miss so much in the games of these days. Although the second part inspired by Super Mario 64 went to a 3d setting which ruined it for most of us, the feeling just vanished into thin air!

But it seems Ubisoft will give the community what she wants with Rayman origins! This game was supposed to be sold on PSN and Xbox live, but after the first real tests the reactions where so good that they decided to make it a full game. When I first saw the game it suprised me... The cartoony style in 1080p is really amazing the details just make this game one of his kind and the hillarious sound and tunes which we can all remember they're all back and they're here to stay.

Thanks Ubisoft!

Metal Gear Solid HD collection

One of the biggest franchisses of Konami is Metal gear solid, with several games on the Ps1, Ps2, PsP, PS3 and even mobile phones! Konami decided to remaster a few of the masterpieces to todays standards.

Konami announced the release of MGS HD collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360, in this collection are included:
Metal gear solid 2
Metal gear solid 3
Metal gear solid Peace walker

Each of the above named titles are remastered and rebuild for todays standards, this means the games will be different from the old ones new artwork, new interfaces and achievements and trophies! (Which they have "forgotten" in Metal gear solid 4...)

I'm looking forward to it can't wait till november!

zaterdag 11 juni 2011


Oke so i've decided to start with Rift and since I've got a blog now I'll keep you updated and what not!
So far I've played the Beta although didn't have enough time to pickup the retail game when it released so better late then never!
I really do hope the PvE experience will satisfy me as I'm a hardcore PvE-er, I do hope I will find the "old" World of Warcraft feeling like AQ40... But I guess I'll find that out soon enough!

By the way,
if there are any Rifters here, which souls should I pick i really loved a tank Warrior/Paladin in wow and i dont know if there are similar souls in Rift so tips are welcome!

Final fantasy VII-II

Back in 1997 Square scored  with the already legendary Final fantasy VII title which became one of the best selling rpg's in history, everyone was stunned about Final fantasy VII, and since than people have been begging for a remake! Especially after the tech-demo to show the power of the PS3 the hope began to rise.
Tech demo - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVAs5B-BMB8

But at this moment we're six years further and still no sign of a remake but ofcourse nobody has forgotten about Final fantasy VII. The producer of the new Final fantasy XIII-2 Yoshinori Kitase would love to make Final fantasy VII-II.
    "It would have to be really big budget title. It would take a long time and a lot of money to make that. We would be interested given the opportunity, but obviously we'd have to see, round up the best staff, and we'd have to look at the situation in the market to see if it's good timing for us... At the moment we've got no plans... We might do it." 

donderdag 9 juni 2011

Playstation vita region free?...

For those who have been asleep the last few weeks/month might not know it yet but there is a new Playstion product comming! The newest member in the Sony handheld family the: Playstation Vita! Since the announcement of the new handheld forums have been flooded with the question "Will the PS Vita be region free?"

At the E3 yesterday at the Australian and European press meeting for the PS Vita Micheal Denny, Sony's vice president said that to the best of his knowledge the PS Vita would be region free.

This goes hand in hand with the PS3 and the PSP which aswell are region free, although after the release of the 3DS which is region restricted people started to wonder if this would still be the case! Well so far good news guys, which mean we're all able to play some good old Japanese RPG's and anime games which in my knowledge are imported  nine out of ten times!

For the sleepers more info about the PS Vita:

woensdag 8 juni 2011

IOS5 already cracked

Within 24 hours after the release of the new beta version of IOS5 Musclenerd managed to crack the new operating system, so far only working on a Ipod touch connected to a PC.

Everyone is exited about the new realese of apple's next OS for the populair Ipods, Ipads 1&2 and lets not forget the Iphones ofcourse! And ofcourse a majority of users are wondering... WHEN WILL THE JAILBREAK BE RELEASED?! well guys so far it's looking sunny for us and especially for the Ipod touch (4th gen) owners, MuscleNerd managed to crack the new IOS5 within 24 hours after the beta release.

MuscleNerd said that there aren't that many suprises, although the jailbreak isn't finished yet, at this point it's working by using an exploit in the bootrom code of the 4th gen Ipods. The exploit within the Ipod does need the Ipod to be tethered to a PC since the device will reset after a reboot...

Work in progress but keep up the good MN!
Make sure to follow his MN's twitter to stay update about the progress about several I-devices:

No Google servers in Kazachstan

Google doesn't agree with the demand made by the Kazakh goverment on behalf of the  Kazakh network information center(NIC), who orderd that Google had to place a physical server within Kazakhstan if they would use a .kz domain name. So far Google does not approve!

Google doesn't approve with the Kazakhstan demant and therefor redirects the .kz users to the international Google site with minor changes for the .kz users. The contents of Google will no longer be addepted towards the .kz users, instead all the contents will be translated.

The far most used search engine on the internet replied with a for me so far understandable reply; Google feels that these demands lay the internet to boundaries which should not exist on "the" boundarylessness internet. The privacy and freedom of speech of the .kz users is at stake aswell especially since there isn't a democratic system but regime which doesn't make this any easier...

To be continued... ? who knows.